1964-80 AMC JEEP 199-232-258 INLINE 6 VALVE COVER - BLACK

Part #: 9831BMRG

Brand: Mr Gasket


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Mr. Gasket is proud to offer valve covers for AMC/Jeep V-8 and in-line 6 cylinder engines. Available in chrome or EDP black. EDP is a process where metal parts are electrically charged and dipped in an opposite charged paint solution. The paint is then attracted to the metal providing total part coverage with excellent resistance to rust and elements while also creating a smooth, non-porous and even layer of paint. The coating looks great as-is or is a perfect base to paint or powder-coat.These valve covers are a great addition under any hood. They are quality stamped steel so tough enough to handle any application you can use them on. Very reasonably priced so they are perfect for an upgrade in appearance or as a replacement of stock components.

Mr. Gasket AMC Jeep Valve Cover

Part #: 9831BMRG
  • Length: 30"
  • Width: 6"
  • Height: 6"
  • Emissions Code: 5
  • Prop 65: No
Installation Notes:

Can not be used on engines with a factory plastic valve cover.