Vac. Adv. Lockout for GM HEI (not 8365)

Quick easy components to lock out timing on GM HEI distributors.

Part #: 88364

Brand: MSD


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MSD offers two kits to make locking out mechanical and vacuum timing advance in HEI distributors an easy task for Circle track racers. No more welding a tac on the mechanical advance weights or trying to find a way to keep the vacuum advance from moving once the canister is removed.

MSDs mechanical advance lockout plate replaces the mechanical advance weights and simply slides over the pins on the shaft and the advance assembly to eliminate any mechanical timing advance.

The vacuum advance block off kit bolts in place of the vacuum advance canister on a GM HEI distributor to neatly and effectively lock timing solid.

Both of these parts are standard equipment on the MSD Circle Track HEI distributor but will work on most GM HEI's.

Vacuum Advance Lockout for GM HEI

Part #: 88364
    Installation Notes:

    Will not work on MSD Pro Billet HEI PN 8365 or 83653.