Super HEI Kit with Digital 6AL, Blaster SS Coil, HEI Adapter and 8.5mm Coil Wire

One of MSD's solutions to the GM HEI's common problem of power loss and lack of response above 4,500 rpm.

Part #: 85001

Brand: MSD


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The kit allows you to remove or bypass the low-powered HEI module and coil and replace them with the MSD Digital 6AL Ignition Control and the Blaster 2 high output coil. The result is more power, increased rpm range, easier starting, plus better mileage and performance. The Kit includes the new MSD Digital 6AL Ignition, Blaster SS Coil, coil wire and HEI dust cover . The 6AL has a Soft Touch Rev Control to protect your engine from overrev damage.

Super HEI Kit

Part #: 85001