Part #: MAD8LDShock

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The new MAD Pro-Series travel sensors have a twin element conductive track, which provides an unparalleled, noise free, long life sensor. They are environmentally sealed to IP66 and have excellent resistance to vibration and shock. 

These are 1/2 the size and weight of other sensors like shown in our test rig with zero loss in performance.

8-32 nylon mounting bolts and nuts included

Prewired with a standard Racepak plug, the chassis side plug and pins also included

1/2" diameter barrel, 12.5" eyelet to eyelet compressed, 20.5" extended.

These are HIGH SPEED sensors-  A normal drag car shock moves at rate of 5-10 inches per second with the quickest abrupt movement up to 40 inches per second. Sensor is officially rated to 390 inches per second, ten times over what is required. Tested and proven stable on our rig to an incredible 600 inches per second. Here is a video of the older bulky sensor vs the Pro-Series and log screen shots are in photos-


Part #: MAD8LDShock