Pro Billet Small Diameter Chevy Distributor

The smallest diameter distributor made by MSD for tight clearances. This magnetic pickup distributor measures 1/2" smaller in diameter and over 1" shorter than standard distributors.

Part #: 85701

Brand: MSD


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This Chevy distributor is the smallest ever built by MSD! It is specifically designed for racers and street rodders with space limitations due to firewall interference, blowers or oversized intake manifolds such as tunnel rams. It measures 1/2" narrower and over 1" shorter than a standard distributor.

Proven performance features include a high output magnetic pick-up and precision machined reluctor for accurate ignition triggering. A fully adjustable mechanical advance allows you to tailor the advance curve to your specific application.

Pro-Billet Small Diameter Chevy Distributor

Part #: 85701