MSD Digital 6 Off Road Ignition

Offroad Ignition, purpose built to handle tough, challenging trail use and race conditions.

Part #: 6471

Brand: MSD


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If you're crawling rocks, high speed desert racing, or playing in any kind of harsh terrain in your offroad rig, the MSD 6 Offorad ignition is a must. Its fully potted design provides the ruggedness and reliability needed to get your 4WD to any destination.
The 6 Offroad multi-sparks below 3,000 RPM on V8's ensuring clean, crisp throttle response and complete fuel burn when crawling at low speeds. Above 3,000 RPM a powerful capacitive discharge spark keeps the fire lit until you let off the skinny pedal. A smooth, accurate rev-limiter will protect your engine from over-rev damage due to drivetrain failure or a slick spot on the trail.
An easy to read LED display on the face of the unit clearly displays the rev-limit RPM. The display, in conjunction with rotary dials, is used to set the rev-limit, cylinder select, and even a timing start retard for race engines. The handy display can also show a live tach reading and even battery voltage with the quick turn of a knob.

MSD Digital 6 Offroad Ignition

Part #: 6471
  • Length: 8.5"
  • Width: 12.25"
  • Height: 4.5"
  • Emissions Code: 3
  • Prop 65: Yes