MAD Racing NTK O2 sensor calibrated for Holley HP and Dominator (Oxygen Sensor)

Part #: MAD-NTK-5

Brand: MAD Racing Parts



We have developed a replacement NTK oxygen sensor with custom calibration. Each one is individually tested and calibrated to your requirements. Please choose your fuel and the Lambda area you are wanting to have the most accurate reading. Rest assured the sensor also reads other values. Typical drift is in the 0-0.03 Lambda range through the full scale.

If you order 2 we will match them to each other so no more wondering why your left and right sensors are a point apart but your plugs say everything is even.

Wire length on this sensor is 16" so be sure you have enough slack in your main harness to reach. The OEM Holley sensor has extensions added and comes in at 24". 

 Suggested target Lambda for most common applications, yours may vary-

Boosted methanol use .5 - .6

Boosted E85 .6 - .7

Boosted gas .8 - .9

NA gas .9 - 1.0


Part #: MAD-NTK-5