Ford MFPI Coil On Plug Main Harness:

Part #: 558-118

Brand: Holley EFI


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This harness provides a plug and play upgrade solution for those seeking to convert to Coil-On-Plug. Additionally we have pre-installed a Power Tap for easy access to 12v, 5v Reference, and Sensor Grounds. The Ford MPFI C-O-P Main Harness has also been pre-terminated for the stock Pulse Width Modulated Idle Air Control motors commonly found on Fuel Injected Windsor 5.0L engines.

Ford MFPI Coil On Plug Main Harness:

Part #: 558-118
  • Length: 10.5"
  • Width: 4"
  • Height: 11"
  • Emissions Code: 4
  • Prop 65: No


  • Built in C-O-P Harness
  • Additional 40 amp relay to power individual coils
  • Pre-Terminated for Ford PWM IAC
  • 20awq gauge wire or larger!
  • Plug and play with 558-312 or 558-318 Smart Coil Sub Harnesses
  • Dual CANbus Connectors for multiple CAN devices
  • Multiple sensor lengths have been extended to accommodate various intake designs