Earls Clutch Bleeder Screw - Long Style LS642001ERL

Bleeder Screw w/ M10 x 1.5 Threads to -4 AN Male

Part #: LS642001ERL

Brand: Earls


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This new long style adapter is ideal for use on engine swaps w/ the T-56 and other Late Model manual transmissions. This extra long bleeder screw (part # LS642001ERL) is 4.421" long and this extra length makes it easier to reach w/ a wrench inside the bell-housing. This bleeder screw has M10 x 1.5 threads, and has an -4 AN male flare that can be used w/ an AN hose to catch the fluid outside the bell-housing during the bleeding process.

Part #: LS642001ERL
  • Length: 6.25"
  • Width: 4"
  • Height: 2"
  • Emissions Code: No
  • Prop 65: No


  • Long Style Bleeder Screw w/ M10 x 1.5 Threads – Fit Most T-56 Clutch Release Bearings
  • Extra Length is Easier to Reach Inside Bell-Housing – for Bleeding Screw & Connection of Hoses
  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Bleeder Hose Size: -4 AN – Use w/ Earls Speed-Flex Hose Assembly
  • Can be Used Along w/ Other Earls Clutch Adapters – Part numbers LS641001ERL, LS641002, 652504ERL, LS0024ERL and PK0008ERL (all use -4 AN Speed-Flex Hose)
  • Ideal for Use in Engine Swaps w/ Manual Transmission