Distributor, Pontiac V8, Ready-to-Run

Fits 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, and 455 Pontiac. Ready-to-run distributors include a built-in ignition module. No MSD Ignition control required. Includes a rev limiter

Part #: 8528

Brand: MSD


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Do yourself and your Poncho a favor and replace your points distributor with a Ready-to-Run model. You'll never have to adjust or replace the points again and your car will run better thanks to the hot MSD sparks.

Inside the CNC-machined billet housing there is an ignition module that produces a much hotter spark which will improve the performance of your engine. Also, since timing advance is important to Pontiac engines, the mechanical advance can easily be adjusted with the supplied advance springs and stop bushings. Plus, there's a vacuum advance canister to help economy at moderate cruise speeds.

Another great benefit of the MSD Ready-to-Run distributor is the mechanical
advance. The weights and assembly are fine-blanked from chromoly for
absolute precision resulting in smooth timing changes. You can set up a timing
curve to match your engine's specifications easily with the supplied advance
springs and bushings plus there is a vacuum advance for economy.

The Distributor is supplied with the MSD Cap, Race Rotor, wire retainer
and gear.

Pontiac V8 Ready-to-Run Distributor

Part #: 8528