Distributor Gear, Steel, Ford 351C, 460

This Ford Steel Gear provides long life, an easy break-in period and reliable performance!

Part #: 85813

Brand: MSD


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A distributor's performance is only as good as its drive gear. MSD Ignition has put a great deal of effort into researching and testing a variety of metallurgical compositions, heat treating and coatings to provide you with a durable, accurate and strong distributor gear. MSD engineers have built test fixtures and spent hundreds of hours testing and evaluating the metallurgy of our gears. The result is a special iron alloy gear that is treated to a low-friction coating process.

Some Ford engines were equipped with distributor gears made of different materials, due to the camshaft used. When the most common engine, the 302, was equipped with EFI in the mid '80s it also used a hydraulic roller camshaft, which requires a steel gear. MSD offers several replacements.

Ford Steel Gear 351C-460 w/Hydraulic Roller Cam

Part #: 85813