Distributor, Flathead Ford, Ready-to-Run, '49-'53

The 8-BA Flathead Distributor is supplied with a special die to help set up the hold down clamp.

Part #: 8573

Brand: MSD


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These distributors are built around a CNC-machined billet aluminum housing and features a maintenace-free magnetic pickup so there are no points to worry about. A precision reluctor is mounted to a QPQ-coated steel shaft
which is guided by a sealed ball bearing for accurate timing signals throughout the entire rpm range.

The distributors also offer an easy-to-adjust mechanical advance assembly. Chromoly weights move smoothly on nylon pads and different advance springs and stop bushings are supplied so you can custom tailor a timing curve to match your engine's requirements.

The best thing about this distributor is that it features an ignition module that is built into the billet aluminum housing. This distributor drops in the engine and connects with only three wires

Flathead Ford Ready-to-Run Distributor for '49-'53

Part #: 8573