Distributor, Crank Trigger, Chevy V8 Low Profile

Low-profile racing distributor, must be used with an MSD 6, 7 or 8-series ignition and a crank trigger.

Part #: 84697

Brand: MSD


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The unique design of these distributors fit tight intake systems while still
transferring the high voltage of the MSD racing ignition to the spark plugs.

The high voltage carrying capabilities are the result of several features which
have been designed into these low-profile distributors. This includes a large diameter cap with wide spaced terminals and an injection molded Rynite rotor
with thick vanes to stir up the air inside the cap. The high dielectric Rynite base also prevents arcing to the billet housing.

Chevy V8 Crank Trigger Distributor

Part #: 84697