Distributor, Chevy V8, Dual Pickup

For racing, must be used with an MSD 6, 7 or 8-series ignition.

Part #: 8356

Brand: MSD


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The Chevrolet housing has several racing features that racers will appreciate. At the base of the CNC machined housing there are two O-ring grooves. These seals prevent oil in the lifter gallery from leaking through the oil passage. If the engine deck, heads or intake have been modified, there is an adjustable slip collar which allows you to set the correct installation depth.

A fine-blanked advance cam is TIG-welded on top of the 0.500" QPQ-coated shaft. Added to the advance plate are chro-moly weight pins which are staked and TIGwelded in place. The advance weights are specially coated to reduce friction and nylon pads are mounted on the advance plate to allow the weights to react quickly to rpm changes. This style advance assembly is fully adjustable or can easily be locked out. With two mag pick-ups, racers can have a complete redundant ignition system which can be activated at the flip of a switch. The pickups are placed precisely 180° apart so when you switch to the secondary ignition, the timing remains constant!

Dual Pickup Chevy V8 Distributor

Part #: 8356