Dist., Ford 289/302, Crank Trigger, Blk.

Distributor designed for race applications using MSD Crank Trigger systems.

Part #: 83795

Brand: MSD


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Blue oval racers will be happy to see these Crank Trigger Distributors. The housing of these three distributors are standard-height Ford Distributors so they will work with cast intake manifolds.

These distributors have a low-profile cap assembly to clear busy intake set-ups and are topped with MSD's new Rynite-molded Ford-style cap and wire retainer. The low design is accomplished because the only thing under the cap is a rotor! These distributors don't have an advance assembly or pick-up so they must be used with a Crank Trigger. Since these distributors are designed for racing applications, a ball bearing is pressed into the housing to guide the polished steel shaft. Each distributor is supplied with a bronze gear.

Ford 289 / 302 Crank Trigger Distributor

Part #: 83795
    Installation Notes:

    Must be used with an MSD Crank Trigger.