Blk Dist.,V8,LateMod GM HEI, Ext Coil

Drop-in replacement distributor- Black for Late Model GM HEI distributors with exterior coil.

Part #: 83663

Brand: MSD


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GM late-model performance enthusiasts will be happy to see this Pro-Billet Distributor. The distributor, PN 83663, is a drop-in replacement for GM V8s using the small cap distributor with a dual connector coil found in cars from 1987-1993 and trucks from 1987-1995.

The entire housing is CNC-machined to exact tolerances for incredible strength (not to mention cool looks). For improved lubrication there is an extra oil tract machined into the bottom of the housing that delivers oil directly to the cam and distributor gears. Inside, a polished steel shaft receives guidance from a sealed ball bearing and an extra-long sintered bushing adds stability. This 0.500" shaft also receives a QPQ coating for increased friction reduction and corrosion resistance.

A factory-style ignition module is supplied with the distributor so your factory wiring will plug directly in. Triggering this module is the responsibility of a high output magnetic pick-up. Topping it all off is a heavy-duty rotor and a red MSD cap with brass terminals to ensure full spark delivery. For late model engine swaps or bolt-on strength, this distributor is the answer.

GM Late Model HEI V8 Ext Coil Distributor- Black

Part #: 83663