7.0 GPM Brushless Spur Gear Fuel Pump with True Variable Speed Control, In-Line - Part No. 11197

Part #: 11197

Brand: Aeromotive Fuel System

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P/N 11197: 7.0 GPM Brushless Fuel Pump w/ True Variable Speed controller
Ground Shaking Performance – Advanced Technology

  • Supports

Fuel injected engines:
– up to 4,800 FWHP on GAS – naturally aspirated
– up to 3,400 FWHP on GAS – forced air induction

– up to 3,360 FWHP on E85 – naturally aspirated
– up to 2,380 FWHP on E85 – forced air induction

  • E85 Compatible, reduce max FWHP by 30%
  • Lighter than the traditional external mount pumps.
  • Reduced current draw at higher, EFI pressures.
  • Extended service life in methanol and ethanol.
  • New integral spur-gear pumping mechanism.
  • 90-PSI continuous operating pressure and up to 150-PSI peak pressure, base plus boost.
  • Integral, external brushless controller for clean installation, cooler fuel and enhanced reliability.
  • ORB-12 inlet and ORB-10 outlet ports.
  • Requires straight 12-VDC to 16-VDC power supply.
  • Not compatible with pulse modulated systems or fuel pump speed controllers.
    Part #: 11197