11-17 Mustang Fuel Pump - Part No. 18037

11-17 Mustang Fuel Pump

Part #: 18037

Brand: Aeromotive Fuel System

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1. Direct drop in unit to OEM tank with no drilling or fabrication required.
2. System allows for the use of both OEM sending units ( one located in each side
of tank). Bracket provided on pump assembly to accept OEM sending unit. (Must
install quick disconnect electrical connectors on OEM sending unit wires). Siphon
pickup side of tank (driver’s side) is not disturbed. Outlet cap has a set of
terminals that must be connected to OEM sending unit wires.
3. Uses patented Aeromotive jet siphon in conjunction with OEM jet siphon
pickup. All internal tank hoses are retained. Internal jet siphon hose with quick
connect attaches directly to Aeromotive jet siphon. Aeromotive siphon used to
transfer fuel at a higher flow rate to pump side of tank.
4. Outlet cap uses -08 ORB outlet ports for Main Outlet port, Auxiliary Port, and
Return port.
5. System retains all OEM tank venting.
6. System variations offered: Single 450, Dual 450, Triple 450, and Dual 340.
Horsepower range (forced induction/fuel injected/pump gas) 700 fwhp – 2,300
7. Two sets of pump terminals in Outlet Cap, one set to control Main pump,
second set to control a second pump /second and third pumps together.

Fuel Pump

Part #: 18037
  • Length: 20.5"
  • Width: 12.5"
  • Height: 10.5"
  • Emissions Code: 3
  • Prop 65: Yes