EV6 Unterminated Injector Harness Kit

Part #: 558-216

Brand: Holley EFI


Introducing the latest addition to the Holley EFI Product Lineup! Our EV6 unterminated injector harness is perfect for anyone wanting to add EV6 injectors to their engine bay.

This harness kit comes with everything you need to build a custom cut to fit EV6 injector harness for an 8 cylinder engine. Don't forget, if you need a quality metripack crimping tool to complete the job, Holley EFI has you covered with part number 567-102.

Holley EFI EV6 Unterminated Injector Harness Kit

Part #: 558-216
  • Length: 10"
  • Width: 10"
  • Height: 2"
  • Emissions Code: 3
  • Prop 65: No


  • 8x EV6 Injector Connectors with 36” of 20ga colored flying leads for each connector
  • Perfect for any new installation, or upgrading to a second set of EV6 injectors
  • Includes 10x pins and seals
  • Includes 1x 10 pin metripack female connector and TPA to mate your Holley EFI Main Harness
  • "558-211