Distributor Cap, Modified Honda Civic 1.5/6L, '92-'97, Red

One of the best upgrades you can make with a Honda engine is to bypass the weak internal coil.

Part #: 82922

Brand: MSD


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Each cap is specially fitted with an MSD Power Tower to accept the high voltage of an MSD Blaster series coil. The spark plug socket features brass terminals for improved conductivity. A low resistance 8.5mm Super Conductor coil wire and crimp tool are supplied so you can custom fit the wire to your application. A new rotor is also supplied to finish off the new kit!

Distributor Cap, Modified for Honda Civic 1.5/6L '92-'00 Red

Part #: 82922
    Installation Notes:

    Fits Honda Accord DX with Tec Distributor only.