Avenger EFI 2bbl Throttle Body Fuel Injection System V8 2 bbl 670 cfm Range Up To 275 HP

Part #: 550-200

Brand: Holley EFI


Replace your carburetor with a "Bolt on and Go" TBI system! Avenger™ EFI throttle body kits are a direct replacement for a carburetor. Plug and play connectors make installation a snap and the Avenger's self-tuning capabilities will have you up and running in no time. Comes with all necessary parts for a complete installation. All set up is done on the included hand-held tuner, so no laptop is required!

Avenger EFI 2bbl Throttle Body Fuel Injection System

Part #: 550-200
  • Length: 23"
  • Width: 10"
  • Height: 14"
  • Emissions Code: 3
  • Prop 65: No
Installation Notes:

Use adapter P/N 17-47 for Holley 2300/Motorcraft 2bbl flange. All Avenger EFI systems come with all installation components including wiring harness, sensors and in-line pump. Does not include HEI distributor ignition adapter harness (558-304) which is required for computer controlled timing. Return fuel line to tank is not included.


  • Self-tuning fueling strategy tunes while you drive - Designed for the user that wants the ease of use without having to be a “tuning expert”
  • Requires no laptop computer to set up or tune - Includes full color OLED hand-held tuner that offers simple setup and easy tuning of basic parameters such as engine idle speed. Still allows for users to change other parameters to further fine tune base
  • Dedicated fuel and oil pressure inputs
  • Allows for computer controlled ignition timing if desired
  • System can be upgraded in the future to a Holley “HP EFI System” if desired