This 4 piece kit includes two air cleaner adapters to adapt 5 1/8" neck (2 or 4bbl. carb) air cleaners to 3" and 2 5/8" 2bbl. carburetor necks. Also includes two air cleaner risers that combine for three height adjustments to help space the air cleaner upward to clear throttle or transmission linkage.

Part #: 6411G

Brand: Mr Gasket


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Mr. Gasket Air Cleaner Spacer and Adapter Kit eliminates air cleaner fit problems and includes spacers and adapters of different HEIghts that fit between the carburetor neck flange and the air filter assembly to allow the amount of clearance you need for your application. Kit includes (2) adapters for 5-1/8 in carb necks, (1) adapter for 3 in carb necks and (1) adapter for 2-5/8 in carb necks. 1/2 in and 1 in spacers can be combined.

Air Cleaner Spacer and Adapter Kit

Part #: 6411G
  • Length: 7.6"
  • Width: 6.8"
  • Height: 1.8"
  • Emissions Code: 5
  • Prop 65: No